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WARNINGS Anyone contacting this site (hereinafter referred to as 'the Site') accepts the rules, terms and conditions given below (hereinafter referred to as 'the Rules') and those indicated in other pages of the Site. Should these conditions not be acceptable to you, you are requested to leave the Site. Anyone accessing the other pages of the Site declares his or her acceptance of the Rules by so doing. sogenet is free to modify the rules at any time and in any way, without being accountable to anyone. PURPOSE OF THE SITE The sole purpose of the Site is to illustrate, disseminate, advertise and inform people about sogenet products and services (hereinafter referred to as 'Information'). Unless specifically stated, none of the Information contained in the Site can be considered a promise to the public or binding in any way for any negotiation or commercial relationship. Any Information contained in the Site is to be considered purely indicative and does not in any way commit sogenet, nor the managers of the Site, nor any other third parties referred to on the Site via links. USE OF TRADEMARKS, PICTURES, PHOTOGRAPHS, DRAWINGS, SOUNDS, FILM, SOFTWARE Unless specifically stated otherwise, any trademark, logo, picture, drawing, sound, music, film, software or anything else present in the Site (hereinafter referred to as 'Items') are covered by relevant rights that protect their ownership such as, by way of example and not exhaustively, trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, etc.. Said rights are all lawfully held by sogenet or licensed to sogenet by the lawful ownersreceived in concession by sogenet from the lawful owners. Any use of the Items (copying, including partial copying, hardcopy, etc.) other than strictly personal use is therefore forbidden. By strictly personal use we refer to the filing on a personal computer or printing of the Items to be conserved as documentation for personal use. The following are therefore to be considered not strictly personal use - and as such unlawful - the distribution and transmission of the Items to third parties (this includes making them available to other sites), their modification, republication, and reutilisation by insertion in other documents or files, and any other form of re-elaboration. sogenet is in no way responsible for, nor can it be called upon to answer for violations of any rights that the owners of Items granted in concession to sogenet can charge against users of the Site, who have violated said rights in some way. The responsibility for said violation is and remains that of the user of the Site who commits them. DAMAGE ARISING FROM CONNECTION TO THE SITE sogenet is in no way responsible for any damage arising from access to the Site and the use or downloading of the Items present, whether said damage is the result of defects, errors or anything else, or the result of the inability to use the material in the Site. LINKS sogenet is not responsible for the content of sites connected by links to the sogenet Site, nor for the content of non-sogenet sites to which the sogenet Site refers you via links. TRUTHFULNESS, OBLIGATIONS AND EXHAUSTIVENESS OF INFORMATION, OFFERS AND SERVICES ILLUSTRATED IN THE SITE - TERRITORIAL COVERAGE OF INFORMATION - EXCLUSION OF RESPONSABILITY Because the Information is purely indicative, any guarantee of its correctness or comprehensiveness must be ruled out. It is also ruled out that any Information contained in the Site may in any way and for any reason bind sogenet, or the other entities indicated or referred to by the Site, via links. In particular, it must be ruled out that the Information contained in the Site is valid in all countries where it is possible to access the Site. Any user requiring precise, detailed information, must contact the sogenet organisation in his country. It is also possible that the Information contained in the Site may arbitrarily be modified by sogenet at any moment and for any reason, without what is stated, either before or after the changes, binding sogenet in any way. PROTECTION OF PRIVACY sogenet applies the protection of privacy both in its proper attitude and culture and in compliance with lawin the terms and spirit of the law. This protection regards everyone who is in contact with sogenet, whether as employee, supplier, customer, potential customer or mere visitor to its Site. RELEASE OF PERSONAL DATA If a visitor to the Site intends to voluntarily release the data defined as personal under Italian Law 675/96, this can only be done by respecting the rules and procedures that comply with the above mentioned Law 675/96, indicated in the Web page … or referred to this from specific pages in the Site. Every visitor to the Site is free to decide to release or not release his personal data. No personal data will be registered in the sogenet Site unless the visitor is clearly and specifically informed of the possibility of registering his personal data. To avoid errors and misunderstandings, no personal data may be registered without further and final confirmation by the visitor. VISITING THE SITE AND REGISTRATION OF ACCESS - USE OF COOKIES AND FILE LOGS sogenet utilises cookie technology to perform statistical analysis of its Site. A cookie is a small informative element sent by the Web site contacted and saved on the hard disk by the browser on your computer. The Site traces the cookie's route (an activity known as 'click stream', in other words, it records the routes taken by visitors to a site, passing from one page to another), although this activity does not recognise or identify the user who has entered the site, so as to collect statistical data about its site, such as the pages visited or down loaded, etc.. We repeat that none of this information is linked to you individually. The cookie does not capture your personal e-mail address or any private information about you. The information collected from cookie traces are only evaluated as a whole. sogenet also uses the log files of the Web server to contact visitors and to assess the technical capabilities of our site. We use all this information to find out how many people visit the Site, to organise the pages in the most accessible manner possible, to simplify visits to the site, and to make the pages more useful to visitors. We collect information about traffic in the site but not about individual visitors. As a result, no information regarding you in particular will be kept or used. E-MAIL, MAILING LISTS If for any reason you should wish to send e-mail messages to the Site, or the Site itself invites you to enter a mailing list to receive information of interest to you on your computer, we repeat that if one of these possibilities should require the registration of your personal data, this will always be done in compliance with the Privacy Law. As a result, any registration will only take place after your explicit, repeated authorisation. APPLICABLE LAW - COMPETENT COURT As indicated in the warnings, access to the Site entails full acceptance of the rules given in the Site itself. This being accepted, the visitor who accesses the Site, accepts that Italian Law will apply be applicable with regard to any problem arising from access to the Site, or regarding the Information or Items present in the Site. Likewise, the user accepts that the Milan Court is the sole court cognisant to rule on the above problems.

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